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The Stallion Incentive Program was developed to promote the Barrel Daze Futurity and Maturity held the second weekend of April in Walla Walla, Washington by the Valley Girls Barrel Racing Association. The Annual Stallion Service Auction runs January 2nd through February 5th each year and will be held over the internet.

The Auction will be advertised in horse publications and on the internet. All stallions shall be listed on the VGBRA Web site.

  1. New stallions will be accepted until December 1st (30 days prior to the start of the auction). No stallions located outside the United States or Canada will be accepted into the program.
  2. Stallion services will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. Stallion owners who choose to list their stallion(s) as a Reference Sire will pay ½ their current advertised fee not to exceed our maximum cap of $1000. If a stallion’s service does not sell through the auction the stallion owner will be required to pay the”guarantee amount” ($300 minimum to $1000 maximum). The bidding will start at one-half the annual advertised fee or $300.00, whichever is greater. Stallion owner/farm may require special breeding requirements. Mare care, vet fees and chute/ farm fees are extra and are not included in the auction bid. The highest bidder is responsible for these costs.
  3. The successful bidder of a stallion service must use the breeding during the current breeding season. All fees associated with boarding, mare care, collection, shipped semen charges and chute/farm fees are between the successful bidder and the stallion owners. The VGBRA is not responsible for any other business conducted between the stallion owner and the purchaser of the breeding and once the contract is signed between purchaser and stallion owner our (VGBRA) responsibility ends. No refunds.
  4. The mare owner shall make all necessary arrangements with the stallion owner as to when the mare will arrive for breeding or make arrangements for the shipping of semen. Stallion owners have the right to refuse any mare. Mare owner must make the mare available for breeding during the stallion owner’s normal breeding season or may risk forfeiture of all monies paid and breeding rights. Mare must be halter broke and fit for breeding.
  5. In the event that death should occur to a stallion or he becomes permanently non-serviceable before the mare is bred, the stallion service auction fee shall be refunded to buyer. If a stallion is sold or leased before mare is settled in foal, contract is still binding unless stallion moves outside a five hundred (500) mile radius from the original advertised location or the new buyer refuses to honor the contract. In such case, the purchaser of the service may have the option to request a refund.


  1. All bids are FINAL without exception and will be held confidential.
  2. Payment of account by the successful bidder shall be required immediately following the conclusion of the auction. Any bill not paid within 30 days will be turned over to collection.
  3. Winning bidders need to contact Stallion Owner for breeding contract.
  4. Refunds shall be available ONLY if the stallion becomes permanently non-serviceable before the mare is covered during the current breeding season.
  5. All stallion services are sold in concurrence with the conditions and procedures of the farm at which the stallion stands, and the purchaser shall agree to abide by these conditions. Stallion contracts may be available for inspection by contacting the individual stallion owner/farm. Chute/farm fees are not included in the auction bid.
  6. The bidding will start at one-half the advertised fee or a minimum of $300, whichever is greater.
  7. The proceeds from the Stallion Service Auction shall be used as follows:
    1. 25% shall go towards the added purse for the VGBRA Stallion Incentive Futurity sidepot and will be split between the owners/riders of eligible offspring with the fastest times of each go and the average.
    2. 30% shall be split between the stallion owners whose eligible get have the fastest times in each go and the average in the Stallion Incentive Futurity and maturity sidepots. To be split 20% to Futurity and 10% to maturity.
    3. 25% shall go towards the added purse for the VGBRA Barrel Daze Open Futurity.
    4. 20% shall be used for advertising, promotion, awards, and Stallion Incentive Maturity added purse.
  8. Bidding is in USD.


  1. Any stallion of any breed is eligible for nomination to the Stallion Incentive Program. Stallion must be registered with a breed association. Nomination consists of one donated breeding per year or paying one-half the current advertised fee to list the stallion as a Reference Sire. Reference sire payments being due when contract is returned. If the service does not sell at the annual auction the stallion owner shall be responsible to pay the VGBRA the sum of one-half of the advertised fee (with a minimum of $300 up to a maximum of $1000) whichever is greater, by February 15th of that year. Stallion owner agrees to keep their stallion in the program for a minimum of three years.
  2. Once a stallion is nominated and paid into the SIP program he becomes eligible for his own stallion incentive payoff money and his sire will not be eligible to collect stallion incentive monies on him as an offspring.
  3. Stallions’ service must sell, or the appropriate Reference Sire fee paid, each year for the stallion owner to receive any of the purse from offspring that place in the Stallion Incentive Portion of the Barrel Daze Futurity. Once a stallion is removed from the SIP program he will not be allowed to return unless a change of ownership has occurred. If a guarantee or stallion reference payment is not received by April 1st, the stallion will automatically be dropped from the VGBRA Stallion Incentive Program. No exceptions unless special arrangements have been made with SIP Board of Directors.
  4. Acceptance into the program is subject to approval of the Stallion Incentive Program Committee and/or VGBRA Board and their decision shall be final. Any disputes will be resolved by the committee or board.


  1. All registered offspring by Stallions in the Incentive Program are immediately eligible to compete for the purses as long as they meet the entry requirements of the VGBRA Futurity or Maturity.
  2. Owners or riders of eligible foals must nominate and pay a onetime fee of two hundred dollars ($200) on or before March 1st of the year competing and must also be entered in the Barrel Daze Open Futurity. A one time fee of one hundred dollars ($100) must be paid prior to March 1st for those entering the Maturity and they must also be entered in the Barrel Daze Open Maturity. (The Stallion Incentive Program classes are not a separate race, but are handled as a side pot.)

rev. 7/2016


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Tara Lawrence
VGBRA SIP Director
509 520 9869